The Journal of MEF University Faculty of Law is a peer-reviewed journal founded in 2022 and published twice a year (in June and December). The Journal welcomes articles, judgement reviews, translations, and papers in Turkish, English, German, French, and Italian; in the fields of Public Law, Private Law, and/or in other academic disciplines related to these fields.
Our goal is to create a free platform based on universal values promoting the understanding of justice and fairness; where the publication of original, creative, and innovative works and academic freedoms are protected with the aim of supporting progress and development in the field of law.
We look forward to your valuable contributions to the Journal which aims to contribute to national and international literature with original academic studies. Academics and lawyers who would like to contribute to the second issue of the second year of our Journal should send their works to until November 1, 2023. Submitted works are expected to comply with the Publication Principles that can be requested via e-mail. After a double-blind peer review, this issue will be published in December 2023.
As the Editorial Board of The Journal of MEF University Faculty of Law, we would like to thank all our colleagues who will honor us with their valuable contributions.