Title of the activity:        Presentation of the Law Faculty as ELFA Member

The Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation is one of the leading publicly-funded higher education institutions. It has been on the Top 10 list of the Russian universities for quite some time. It is the key education center where management professionals are trained who can work in government institutions, banks, insurance and audit companies. It is on Top 5 list of universities whose graduates who are in most demand on the labor market.

The mission of the Financial University is to train highly-adaptive professionals who would be competitive on a global scale, who would become part of the best personnel pool, and who would be able to resolve social, economic issues our country and the international community face.

For more than 20 years, our university has trained highly qualified lawyers who have been in demand by the country’s largest employers – state and local authorities, well-known law and notary offices, large credit and financial organizations, insurance companies and international corporations. During the existence of the Faculty of Law, more than 5 thousand people became its graduates.

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Contact Person: Alex Iglin
E-Mail:         AVIglin@fa.ru