In November 2021, the Iustinianus Primus Law Faculty, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje marks its 70th anniversary.

To celebrate this jubilee, the Iustinianus Primus Law Faculty, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University- Skopje, is announcing a Call for Papers for its Annual International Conference. The 2021 conference topic is “Law, socio-economics and politics in troubled times”.

The language of the conference is English. The presentation will be organized in panels and plenary session with keynote speakers and the program of the conference will be published no later than 15.10.2021.

Ø Keynote speakers:

Dr. Florian Bieber, Professor of Southeast European History and Politics and Director of the Centre for Southeast European Studies at the University of Graz, Austria, Nationalism in a post-Covid Era. The Impact of the Global Pandemic on Nationalism in a Comparative Perspective.

Dr. Adam Lazowski, Professor of EU Law at the School of Law at the University of Westminster (London), Luxemburg Effect: the Tole of the Court of Justice in Shaping of the EU Legal Order.

The conference aims at opening and seeking answers in the main academic debates concerning the legal, political and socio-economic challenges that derive from the latest crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic but are also deeply rooted in the context of the permanent crisis that North Macedonia, the region of SEE as well as Europe are experiencing in continuity in the last decade and a half. Papers that touch upon interdisciplinary issues or cover more than one filed of expertise are strongly encouraged, as long as they present a coherent topic of analysis. Therefore, the topics of the conference are and are not limited to:

State building and the sovereignty paradigm: North Macedonia and the region after 30 years of independence;

Human rights in troubled times;

Criminal Justice in troubled times;

Economic recovery in post-Covid times;

Health policies in pandemics;

Jurisprudence during pandemic;

Renegotiation and adaptation of contracts;

Obstructed Europeanization: Southeast Europe on the verge of democratic backsliding;

Enlightened authoritarianism vs. democratic governance – clash of two concepts or distinction without a difference;

Legal responses to health emergences;

Managing financial health in challenging times;

Force Majeure and Contractual Performance;

(Dis) integration of legal systems;

National (government) and international policy responses to pandemics;

Coronavirus politics and international relations;

State of emergency and state of crisis due to the Coronavirus;

Freedom of expression, hate speech and fake news during pandemics;

Higher education in troubled times: Universities and their response during Covid-19 pandemics;

Access to Courts, Civil Justice and a Fair Trial during Pandemics;

Private and Family Life during Pandemics;

Bioethics, Public Health and Human Rights in Times of Covid-19;

Troubled times and state borders: remapping the Western Balkans.

Authors are invited to submit papers on any subject related to and within the scope of the Conference topic. Submissions from academics, researchers and practitioners at any stage of their career, including PhD students, will be accepted.

Ø Conference Registration

Interested authors are invited to submit an abstract (up to 300 words in length) and a brief academic CV via the following link:



All submissions will be peer reviewed by an International Academic Committee of the Conference. Selected papers will be published in a special issue of the Iustinianus Primus Law Review (http://lawreview.pf.ukim.edu.mk/) a peer reviewed journal of the

Iustinianus Primus Law Faculty, indexed in EBSCO and HeinOnline.

Ø Registration fee

You have two registration options – either early bird registration before 1 September 2021 at a price of 50 Euro or registration after 1 September 2021 at a price of 70 Euro. PhD students are very welcome to sign up for the conference at a price of 40 Euro.

Ø Important dates

v 10 July 2021 – Deadline for submission of abstract

v 15 July 2021 – Notification of the selected participants

v 01 September 2021 – Payment of early bird registration fee (50 Euro)

v 30 September 2021 – Payment of registration fee (70 Euro)

v 15 October 2021 – Announcement of the Final program

v 05 November 2021 – Conference

v 28 February 2022 – Submission of final papers

Contact Person: Irena Rajchinovska Pandeva

E-Mail: conference@pf.ukim.edu.mk

Phone: +389 2 3 117244

Fax: +389 2 3 227549

Iustinianus Primus Law Review (http://lawreview.pf.ukim.edu.mk/)