The University of East Sarajevo, Faculty of Law is pleased to announce the 12th Scientific Conference on the Occassion of the Day of the Faculty. The general topic of the Conference is “Legal Gaps and the Wholeness of Law”.

According to the ranking and classification of scientific meetings in Republic of Srpska, Scientific conference on the occasion of the Day of the Faculty of Law is the top ranked scientific conference in the field of social and humanistic sciences in Republic of Srpska. The Conference is classified and categorized as an International scientific conference of the first category.

The authors have to submit abstract in English until 20 September.

The Conference will be held in Pale, the City of East Sarajevo. However, it will be organized in a mixed format so the authors can participate via Zoom platform too.

The work will be organized in sections (constitutional law, civil law, criminal law, history of law, etc.).

Working languages of the Conference are Serbian and other languages of participants from former Yugoslavia as well as English and other world languages.

 Contact Person: Dimitrije Ćeranić


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