As you know, the Annual General Meeting and Conference of our Association, which were scheduled to take place in Warsaw from 21 to 23 April 2021, had to be cancelled due to the ongoing state of emergency following the COVID-19 outbreak.

In order to comply with the requirements of the law and provisions of ELFA’s Articles of Association, our Association must hold an annual general meeting, which may take place through electronic premises (Law of 22 April 2020, providing temporary facilities in the area of the Ministry of Justice and Security in connection with the outbreak of COVID-19, approved by the Dutch Government).

This year, however, the Board of Directors wishes to offer members of the Association a somewhat more varied event, which will feature – as far as it is feasible within the framework of the online activities – some presentations reflecting on legal education at a time of the pandemic combined with the general assembly itself. We hope you will find it interesting and informative.

On this basis, the Board of Directors of the European Law Faculties Association has decided to convene the 2021 ELFA Annual General Meeting on 23 JUNE 2021 at 15:00 CET, to be held electronically.

The complete information about the 2021 AGM, the related documents and the necessary details to access and follow the meeting have been sent to all members through the email address or addresses that appear in the ELFA Secretariat’s archives as the official contact address provided by each member.

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