“The European Law Faculties Association has been an excellent forum for law professors, mostly deans or “dekans” not only from Europe but from all around the world, to discuss problems facing law faculties, ranging from admissions policies to various teaching methods, curriculum, cooperation projects or joint research.

Now, 25 years after the foundation of ELFA, and in the extraordinary circumstances we are currently living, we can recall what was stated in the 2015 Istanbul Conference Resolution, that law faculties in Europe and elsewhere find themselves at the crossroads of directions for their future development to respond to changes, and also that the proper safeguarding of legal systems governed by the rule of law demands well-educated law graduates who are capable of understanding and responding to changing developments in society.

All the best for ELFA on its 25th anniversary for meeting these aims!”

Haluk Kabaalioglu

Yeditepe University
ELFA President, 2014-2015

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