“Since the first time I participated in Graz in 2005, I have attended all of the ELFA General Conferences to date. ELFA was then a relatively young organization, but its function was already proving to be relevant in the process of implementation of the European Higher Education Area. Nevertheless, after the culmination of this process, ELFA has also continued to offer great advantages to its members, providing a privileged forum for reflection, debate and exchange of knowledge, information, experiences and contacts, personal and institutional, on a European scale that responds perfectly to the phenomena of increasing internationalization that the law has been undergoing in these last decades and that should, necessarily, have a profound and immediate reflection in the systems of articulation of legal studies and on the methods applied to its teaching in the different countries.

The exceptional circumstances that have concurred in this 25th anniversary demand that we have its dramatic consequences very present. However, they also imply a reinforcement of values like solidarity, cooperation and being aware of the extraordinary importance of education, teaching and research that, together with the undeniable role that the law should acquire in ordering the new society that remains after this crisis, permit us to anticipate that in the next years the existence and the initiatives promoted by ELFA will continue to be relevant and up to date, which permits us to hope for and predict a long life for our association. Congratulations!”

Manuel Bermejo Castrillo

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
ELFA President, 2011-2012

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