In these uncertain times that we are experiencing, we hope that you and your families, as well as the rest of the world, manage to stay healthy and safe.

As you all know, the ELFA Conference and AGM that was to be held in Warsaw in April has been cancelled due to the corona virus pandemic. Yet, it is good to remember that in 2020 we commemorate the 25th anniversary of the founding of our association. In 1995 more than eighty faculties across Europe joint together in Leuven in order to sign the ELFA’s foundational act, entitling our association to represent legal education and promote our interests in the institutions of the European Union.

From its foundation until today, ELFA has undertaken a great deal of achievements, from creating a list of experts dealing with the ECTS system to asking EU institutions and governments – due to the financial crisis – to discontinue budgetary reductions, from launching the first ELFA Award for the best European Doctoral Thesis on European Law to signing cooperation agreements with the Association of American Law Schools and the Southeastern Association of Law Schools. Throughout these years we have included both teaching and research as core tasks of our association and we have called institutions to ensure that public sector law faculties are sufficiently funded. More recently, ELFA promoted the creation of the Global Legal Education Association Consortium.

Today we are one hundred and sixty Law faculties in Europe and beyond that are committed to cooperating in legal education and research. In the following years we are sure that much more is yet to come.

In order to celebrate the ELFA’s birthday, in the following weeks we will publish some congratulation messages from the ELFA’s former presidents. We are sure that reading the words of the people that have commanded our flagship for the last twenty five years will be very stimulating for all of us and will provide us with a warm comfort for the following weeks.

Also remember that these messages will also be published on our social networks in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Don’t miss them!

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