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Sustainable Law and Sustainable Legal Education

The 2016 Annual General Meeting and Conference was located at the Academy Building of the University of Groningen.

After the welcome by Prof. Dr. J.B. Wezeman, Dean of the Faculty of Law there was the Keynote Address by Professor Sabino Cassese, Emeritus Justice of the Italian Constitutional Court and Professor at the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa. The presentation of the 2015 ELFA Award Winner and Proxime Accessit took place afterwards.

The parallel sessions included sessions about the following topics: European Environmental Law: a Sustainable Environment, chaired by Prof. Dr. Andreas R. Ziegler (University of Lausanne); Borders between Public and Private Law, chaired by Prof. Dr. Josep Maria De Dios Marcer (Autonomous University of Barcelona); Distance Learning and Privacy and Academic Law, chaired by Prof. Dr. Věra Kalvodová, (Masaryk University); and the Needs of the Profession: Qualifications for Law Teachers, chaired by Prof. Dr. Michele Graziadei (University of Turin).

The afternoon session commenced with the presentation of Hein Online, the online database containing more than 150 million pages and 200,000 titles of legal history and government document.

The Plenary Session, which was entitled Europe in Crisis, Financial nightmares and migration tragedias was chaired by Prof. Dr. Laurence W. Gormley  (University of Groningen).


Cuba and the US: a changed relationship

On Friday, the plenary session, organised by SEALS was entitled Cuba and the US: Implications of a changed relationship. It was chaired by Professor Patrick R. Hugg, John J. McAulay Distinguished Professorship, Loyola University New Orleans, College of Law.

Finally, the ELFA Annual General Meeting took place at the Academy Building University of Groningen.  The ELFA 2016 Resolution was adopted and both the President and the Treasurer’s Report were presented and approved. The Budget 2016-2017 was also approved. Afterwards, it took place the presentation of Membership Certificates to the new Members and Affiliated Members and further future plans were discussed.

The Annual General Meeting elected the New President, a new First Vice-President and a New Board Member.




The Report is currently not available

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