The Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB), member of ELFA with an observer status, is promoting the drafting of the Charter of Barcelona for the Rights of Citizens in the Digital Era.

The project aims at assessing the impact of the Information Society on the rights of people. Moreover, it strives to lay the foundations for a global agreement representing the improvement in the quality of life and the preservation of human rights in the digital environment.

ICAB has made an open call to both the academic and practitioners’ communities to participate in the drafting of this document. In this regard, ELFA considers that this is a very stimulating initiative as technology clearly impacts fundamental rights. For this reason, ELFA has joined this project and encourages its members to participate as well.

ICAB is interested in receiving the views and participation of ELFA members, the initiatives of which will be discussed in an international conference. All stakeholders may contact the promoters at

The text of the Charter and more information about this initiative in both English and Spanish are accessible on the project’s website.

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