On 16 October 2020 took place the first Annual General Meeting of our Association held entirely online. The President Marek Grzybowski and the other members of the Board presented the 2019-2020 annual report of activities as well as the 2019 financial report and the budget for 2020. They also explained their proposal to extend the term of the Board members until the next 2021 AGM and Conference, due to the current exceptional situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The attendants to the meeting had the opportunity to ask questions and provide comments and feedback.

During the meeting there was also a time to present what has been one of the main achievements of our association during the term 2019-2020, the relaunching of the European Journal of Legal Education. In this regard, Drs. Greta Bosch, editor-in-chief, and Nigel Duncan, member of the editorial board, outlined the key points of this undertaking, so valuable for the ELFA community. If you missed the first issue, make sure you check it at https://ejle.eu/index.php/EJLE. The next EJLE issue is in preparation.

Finally, President Marek Grzybowski also announced the venue and date for the next Annual General Meeting and Conference, which will take place in Warsaw from 21 to 23 April 2021. All members will receive more information soon.

At the end of the assembly, a ballot was taken on the proposals presented by the ELFA board. All of them were unanimously approved.

The ELFA Board wishes to thank all attendants to the virtual meeting for their participation.

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