The ELFA Board would like to inform all Members of the following:

“Dear ELFA Member,

As you know, the Annual General Meeting and Conference of our Association, which were scheduled to take place in Warsaw from 21 to 24 April, had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 disease outbreak.

Currently, a number of restrictive measures remain in force in most countries, and the circumstances do not make it feasible to organise a new on-site Conference in 2020. Therefore, and according to the provisions of Dutch law, the 2020 Annual General Meeting that our Association must convene will be held through electronic premises (online), during the month of October.  

The notice convening ELFA’s online Annual General Meeting in October including the necessary information about the date and time of the AGM, the agenda, and how to participate in the meeting will be emailed to you on 9 September 2020. In order to ensure receipt, the convening notice will be sent again a week later. Please check that you are able to receive communications from ELFA at your email address and server.

Kind regards,

ELFA Board”

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