“It is a genuine pleasure to introduce this third issue of the European Journal of Legal Education (EJLE).

As I reflect on this past year since our second issue and wonder how we can make legal education work best, two things come to mind. Firstly, the pandemic will change the way we educate.

The crisis has been painful for all, staff and students alike, but from it changes will emerge and these will help improve the way we teach and the way we learn.

Secondly, the pandemic forced an uptake in technology which, too, will benefit future lawyers. In summary, we have as a result enormous opportunities, experience and good practice for changing the way we teach, learn and work. There is potential for critical conversations in legal education, conversations that can help reconfigure the legal landscape.

Our current issue includes contributions that focus on exactly those critical conversations: analysing the pandemic as a disruptor, albeit one that provides us with inspiration for improvement. Student challenges are highlighted and best practice for early career academics is offered, grounded in the student voice, and also making recommendations for legal educators on how to support the development of commercial awareness in law school curricula.

This issue, in summary, has the central theme of regaining positive momentum after a crisis; the emphasis is on empowerment, inspiration, optimizing of learning, teaching, and employability—to enhance the academic and professional experiences of our students. It highlights compassion and teamwork, with themes such as mentoring, peer tutoring, small group teaching and sharing of good practice.”

Greta Bosch

Editor-in-Chief of the European Journal of Legal Education

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